Video Delivery Automation

Improve user experience and maximize revenue from your most valuable inventory with automated video healing and acceleration.

Unlock the hidden potential of your video inventory

Video ad breakage and delivery issues not only harm user experience, but can lead to a 30% decrease in revenue. To extract maximum yield from your video inventory, you need a robust set of yield solutions built by video infrastructure experts and optimized for the complexity of today’s video ad environment.
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Aggregate all of your connection data and gain real-time insights on ad performance through automated traffic analysis, tests and reports.

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Reduce wasted impressions with tools that diagnose the full spectrum of deliverability issues, ranging from latency, broken creatives, VAST and timeout errors, and more.

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Automatically resolve issues and ensure delivery through server-side acceleration and automated optimizations without operational overhead.

DV Automate Yield Optimization

Automate Video Yield

When your team isn’t online, your campaigns still need constant attention. Always-on video optimization tools monitor ad traffic in real time to detect breakage incidents and apply automatic fixes. All through a network that’s handling billions of requests daily through hundreds of data centers worldwide.

Reduce Latency & Timeout Errors

Reduce latency through OmniTags that move your ad requests server-side, including full support for header bidding, SSAI, and direct-sold inventory. Optimize your video yield via API as a server-to-server call between the SSP platform and DV’s acceleration servers. Data is fully transparent and compatible with all VAST and VPAID features.
DV Reduce Latency
DV Reduce Errors

Improve Deliverability of
Video Inventory

Utilize deep impression-level delivery analytics to ensure optimal ad delivery and troubleshoot problems. Monitor continuous A/B comparisons, track recovered impressions, aggregate error data and streamline latency measurements to see a complete picture of your video ad operations.