for Publishers

Optimize your revenue operations

Ad-Juster MAP gives you the tools to optimize your revenue opportunities regardless of whether you favor programmatic, direct, a combination, or are still honing in on what works best for your company.

Automate to save time, enhance efficiency

Our tools support running numerous campaigns simultaneously with multitudes of unique creatives served out of your websites every day. Now you can manage all your platforms automatically with access to the most connections in the industry. Our tools help you save countless hours, prevent costly mistakes, and optimize inventory management.
So many impressions, so little time, so little insight. What if you could do and make more with less people, in less time? We can help you stop reacting and be more proactive. From managing capacity and load to enhancing your yield, we’ll help you keep track of it all.
Direct Data Management for Publishers

Enhance yield management

Our tools monitor impression counts on all your campaigns. We automatically gather, organize, and deliver the data you need for powerful insight into your inventory performance. Use our reporting to exponentially improve your inventory usage and efficiency for consistent campaign optimization. Discrepancy reporting will help you resolve incongruities and get the most from every impression and campaign—get paid what you deserve.
Ad-Juster for Publishers | Yield Management and Buffer Optimization

Streamline agency logins

Consolidate scattered logins into a central platform for fast reference and complete mapping. There’s no need to manage time-consuming and disjointed spreadsheets and emails. Our Missing Mapping Detector report alerts you when agency logins are missing, identifying the information needed to make sure your campaigns go live without issues.
Ad-Juster for Publishers | Data Import Tool and Easy Agency Logins

Automate billing

Get paid quicker and easier with direct OMS connections, including Operative, Salesforce, Yieldex, FatTail’s AdBook, and DoubleClick’s DART Sales Manager (DSM). This allows for centralized, direct integration of data with your OMS. You get to enjoy exponentially reduced manual intervention, which helps prevent human error and vastly improves efficiency by tying multiple platforms together. Automate the upload of reconciled billable metrics to your OMS.
Ad-Juster for Publishers | Automated Billing and OMS Integrations
PROGRAMMATIC DATA Management for Publishers

Simplify data and revenue operations

Automatically aggregate, unify, and normalize to improve your data performance, ROI, decision making, and operational efficiencies—optimize your programmatic strategy and make sense of the data chaos.

Leverage powerful visualizers

Take advantage of simplified data visualizations with Ad-Juster ILLUMINATE. Quickly identify discrepancies, improve inventory performance, enhance pacing, and discover new revenue opportunities with ease.

Tag quality and safety verification made easy

Automate the tag scanning and validation process for your ad operations with Ad-Juster VERIFY. Accelerate the quality assurance component of your campaigns and maintain compliance by automatically testing all your tags according to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards. Use our tag verification tool to fulfill your own internal policies, protecting the integrity of your brand and ensuring the safety of your site and users.