Programmatic Data Management

Simplify and improve data efficiency to identify new revenue opportunities.

Your programmatic data, all in one place

Now you can exponentially improve data performance, ROI, decision making, as well as daily and long-term operational efficiencies and gains. Ad-Juster Programmatic Data Management removes manual, cumbersome, and repetitive tasks to give your revenue operations lucrative agility. It liberates your team with automatically pulled reports to quickly correlate and consolidate data for you. Spend time and money on direct-revenue producing activities rather than administration and logistics.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Aggregation | DSP, SSP, Ad Exchange, Data Source Connections

Automatically pull from integrations across connections to DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges, leveraging the most connections in the industry.

Ad-Juster Automated Data Unification and Organization

Automatically consolidate and organize scattered data sets into a single data hierarchy, allowing for direct comparisons out of the box.

Ad-Juster Data Normalization Technology: Unify, Transform, Standardize

Automatically transform and standardize data to seamlessly line up values from incongruent platforms.

Ad-Juster Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Customizable Dashboards

Instantly improve efficiency and decision making

Get the flexibility of customizable dashboards that you can configure to match your operations’ exact needs. We’ll give you a head start with 3 preset dashboards—Ad Partner Analysis, Ad Partner Performance, and Ad Partner Devices and Formats—and 8 automatic visualizations.

Quick and easy visualizations for powerful insights

Take advantage of simplified data visualizations to quickly identify discrepancies, improve inventory performance, enhance pacing, and discover new revenue opportunities with ease.
Ad-Juster Illuminate Tool | Automated Data Visualizations and Reporting
Ad-Juster Discover Tool | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting

Flexible and convenient reporting for complex data sets

Access your aggregated, unified, and normalized data in common report formats, including CSV and Excel. You get to enjoy flexible filters, easy sharing, custom scheduling, and over 150 report columns.


Improve business intelligence to allow for optimization of programmatic strategy (for example, Header Bidding Performance versus Traditional Waterfall).
Identify trends such as buying behavior of ad partners to provide leads for direct deals.
Assess monetization of programmatic inventory across different revenue types (for example, OpenRTB versus PMP Deals).
Streamline communication across departments for optimal transparency.
Quickly assess ad-partner performance and determine who will help you produce the greatest ROI.
Get instantly available insights into which ad partners provide the most valuable unique demand.