Media Quality Insights & Automation

Gain new insights on how your inventory is viewed by advertisers with one of the most comprehensive measurement platforms in the industry.

Make sense of your inventory in real-time to improve yield

Data transparency empowers premium publishers to utilize proactive strategies instead of reactive processes. When access to media quality measurement expands, the entire industry benefits from previously clouded analytics.
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Aggregate delivery data from 3rd-party sources to better troubleshoot, identify and optimize inventory.

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Gain full transparency into the brand suitability process used by advertisers and make informed decisions based on how it impacts publisher yield.

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Make site-wide optimizations and highlight the most viewable inventory found through trustworthy measurement data used by top brands and agencies.

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Easily identify and act on invalid traffic by source to eliminate fraud in real-time through both dashboards and log-level data.

DV Inventory Quality Insights

Gain visibility into the metrics that drive advertiser goals

Easily troubleshoot and optimize towards advertiser KPIs with a comprehensive data set across all of your inventory. Monitor your traffic at a line item, creative and advertiser level in order to identify trends that impact pricing or performance.

Offer impressions that count

Now you can identify media quality issues before they negatively impact your yield. Predict viewability and identify invalid traffic in real-time to prevent the need for over delivery or make goods. Brand safety and contextual categories allow you to automatically match the right inventory to the right advertiser partner.
DV Quality Targeting Automation
DV Demand Quality Insights

Level the Playing Field

Used by both the buy-side and sell-side, media quality measurement is a common language that reduces friction with partners and boosts your yield. Cut down on wasted impressions and operational overhead while discovering what’s valued by advertisers. See the full picture and become a proactive force in the industry with DV advertiser data on your inventory.


Deduplicated quality measurement across all of your owned and operated properties.
Quality data is associated with granular campaign data to easily troubleshoot and optimize towards advertiser goals.
Minimize discrepancies, over buffering, and make goods from under delivery with campaign pacing and performance insights.
Prove the value of your inventory with a comprehensive view of quality.