Data Fusion, Interpretation, & Translation

Campaign enhancement, discrepancy monitoring and reconciliation, and revenue optimization all start with the ability to quickly and accurately connect your servers, platforms, partners, and data sources.

The Delivery Chain is Complex

You’re surrounded by revenue opportunities. The problem is they’re all in the form of disconnected, disjointed, and chaotic data sprawled throughout the increasingly complex ad delivery chain.
Ad-Juster D-FIT | Data-Fusion-Interpretation-Translation

D-FIT Connects the Dots

Naming conventions and manual methods of connecting creatives are inefficient, prone to errors, and sometimes impossible. Our unique D-FIT technology uses advanced tag data to map creatives across multiple platforms throughout the entire delivery chain.

Holistic Campaign Performance Monitoring

Consolidated and centralized publisher-side and agency-side server reports deliver a holistic view of campaign and ad server performance. No matter how complex the delivery chain or how many hops the creative makes, D-FIT associates, connects, and tracks the creative the whole way.
Ad-Juster FlowIQ | Daily Delivery Chart
Ad-Juster FlowIQ | D-FIT Intelligent Ad Ops

The Next Generation of Your Intelligent Ad Ops

D-FIT powers FlowIQ to provide actionable insights that allow you to generate more revenue with less effort. With continuous, automatically fused data, your team can streamline discrepancy reporting and shorten monthly billing cycles. Our tools enable seamless integration—start getting results from day one without having to change your current process.
Don’t let critical relationships go bad because of discrepant campaigns. Use your reporting results to leverage makegoods and keep relationships running smoothly.
Get the most from your inventory by closely monitoring discrepancies. Perform cost analyses for enhanced decision making and campaign planning.