Campaign Dashboard

FlowIQ’s Campaign Dashboard presents a holistic view of your direct campaigns. With one complete and trusted data set, enjoy comprehensive input, awareness, and solutions to generate more revenue from your premium inventory.

The right data to the right people, organized the way you work

FlowIQ delivers a powerful role-specific dashboard that supports data collaboration and data prioritization to successfully deliver on all digital direct-sold campaigns.
Ad-Juster Flow for Account Managers | Proactive revenue optimization

Be proactive with the ability to easily prioritize campaigns that need attention and facilitate effective communication with sales and operations.

Ad-Juster Flow for Sales Executives | Campaign performance reports

Get accurate and timely reports on performance in order to accurately set expectations and enhance communication with clients and co-workers.

Ad-Juster Flow for Ad Ops | Advertising operations, creative troubleshooting

Quickly identify, diagnose, and communicate creative issues with the ability to quickly dive down to the creative level based on your highest risks.

Ad-Juster Flow for Supervisors & Managers | High-level campaign monitoring

Stay on top of overall performance across your organization with a high-level view to highlight problem areas and provide actionable insights.

Ad-Juster FlowIQ | Campaign Dashboard Sunburst Details

Reach your goals faster with a media-specific dashboard

Significantly reduce time by eliminating spreadsheets from the equation. FlowIQ delivers all your metrics with just a few clicks within a user-friendly, intuitive interface designed specifically to work with media data. Reducing what usually takes three hours to just a few minutes means less time running reports and more time analyzing and getting answers.

Identify and prioritize your biggest revenue risks

View both high- and low-level metrics simultaneously to identify patterns, trends, and the root of problems with speed and ease. Issues are organized by who, what, and when, bringing campaign problems to the user instead of the user having to search through endless, chaotic data sets.

Ad-Juster FlowIQ | Campaign Dashboard Callouts and Ad Revenue at Risk
Compress Time to Resolution (TRR) with Ad-Juster FlowIQ | Recapture ad revenue

Generate more revenue
in less time

Data prep used to take hours, now FlowIQ does this for you in minutes and visualizes all your direct-sold campaign data, no data manipulation or workarounds necessary. Quickly investigate issues, coordinate solutions, and prioritize tasks to successfully deliver on all digital direct-sold campaigns.

Categorized campaign data for digital publishing teams | Ad-Juster Flow
Categorizing users delivers the right data faster to improve workflow. Each type of user can manipulate data according to what they need.
Manipulate, filter, sort advertising performance data | Ad-Juster Flow
It’s easy for users to combine virtually countless permutations to get the exact types of reports and datasets they need.
Campaign insights for stakeholders with data collaboration | Ad-Juster Flow
Users can quickly communicate their insights to key stakeholders for expedited decision making.
OMS to ad server data integrations | Ad-Juster Flow | Operative, WideOrbit, FatTail, DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM), Placements, Freewheel RPM
Maintain a holistic view of all data related to each campaign with a built-in OMS connector.
Order Management System Integrations: Operative, WideOrbit, FatTail, DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM), Placements, Freewheel RPM