Direct Data Management

Empower your operations with quick and accurate comparisons of your premium inventory performance. Automated data aggregation and reporting prevent errors and save you time while helping you establish and track your best producers.

Monitor your premium inventory, reach your goals

Get more than advanced publisher and agency ad server data aggregation with our one-of-a-kind D-FIT technology. With continuous, automatically fused data, your team can streamline discrepancy reporting and even shorten your monthly billing cycles. We design our tools for seamless integration to simplify your operations and save you time. Start getting results from day one without having to change your current process.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Aggregation and Discrepancy Monitoring

Automatically pull from integrations across any publisher or agency ad server. Get the data you need to monitor every single impression, successfully negotiate discrepancies, and finetune your campaign performance.

Ad-Juster Automated Data Fusion, Interpretation, and Translation

Relate publisher creatives to agency creatives through our exclusive D-FIT engine. Correlate and connect across all your campaigns in order to accurately organize, execute, monitor, and report from start to finish.

Ad-Juster Publisher and Agency Ad Server Data Analysis

Lay out comparison reports between your publisher and agency ad server data without having to create time-consuming pivot tables. Maintain accurate numbers with automated, always-available reporting.

Discrepancies can make or break your campaigns

Don’t let critical relationships go bad because of discrepant campaigns. Use your reporting results to leverage makegoods and keep relationships running smoothly.
Get the most from your inventory by closely monitoring discrepancies. Perform cost analyses for enhanced decision making and campaign planning.
Ad-Juster Direct Data Management | Verify Tool |Campaign Delivery Reports

Campaign delivery reports

Access your automatically aggregated, unified, and normalized data in common report formats, including CSV and Excel. All the collected information is consolidated into a streamlined report for your revenue operations team. You get to enjoy flexible filters, easy sharing, custom scheduling, and over 150 report columns.

Third-party aggregate reports

Get raw third-party numbers in one platform. You’ll never have to log in to an agency reporting platform again. Save time and effort with automatically organized and centralized reporting.
Ad-Juster Direct Data Management | Verify Tool |Third-Party Aggregate Reports
Ad-Juster Direct Data Management | Verify Tool | Excel Template Reports

Ad-Juster template reports

We provide built-in Excel templates or can build custom Excel spreadsheets to match what you currently use. We’re always here to help you enjoy smooth implementation and integration of custom formulas, conditional formatting, auto filters, and branding.


Daily discrepancy reports allow you to respond faster to highly discrepant partners.
Accurate discrepancy reporting pinpoints both under- and over-buffered line items in your ad server—hone in on optimal pacing.
Convenient reporting across ad-quality vendors houses all your viewability metrics in one place—track viewability with ease and accuracy.
Monthly reports and automated billing gets you paid quicker and easier through direct OMS connections, including Operative, Salesforce, Yieldex, FatTail’s AdBook, and DoubleClick’s DART Sales Manager (DSM).
Streamlined communication and easily shared reports promote optimal transparency across departments.
Centralized agency logins and alerts, such as when a login is no longer current, ensures the access you need at all times.