Master your inventory performance, contracted impressions, buffering, and pacing all in one place.

Monitor, forecast, buffer, and pace

CALIBRATE delivers on-demand, easy-to-use, and powerful insights on your inventory performance. Your operations can achieve the agility necessary to act fast across all your line items. CALIBRATE provides a reliable, massive-revenue saving alternative to traditional flat-rate buffers. Inventory saved is money earned.

Take the guess work out of
campaign optimization

Leverage recommended buffer rates to get the most from your inventory day after day. You can exponentially reduce your complex revenue risks with a simple yet powerful graph. It’s quick and easy to update your line items and optimize your buffers on a daily basis.
Ad-Juster Line Items at Risk Revenue Optimization Tool

Visualize your campaigns
and revenue at risk

You can now stop spending countless hours tracking down numbers and investigating spreadsheets. Enjoy quick and appealing visualizations of all your campaigns and easily pinpoint and calculate revenue at risk for each and every line item. You don’t need to stress about making sense of the data chaos, you’ll be the revenue hero of your organization.
Ad-Juster Revenue at Risk Data Visualization Tool

Display the data you need,
how you need it

Tired of being a square-peg operation forced to make do with round-hole solutions? Your organization is unique. That’s why we built CALIBRATE to be fluid. Flexible filters allow you to manipulate data according to your custom, oft-changing needs. Empower your team to deftly handle critical reporting and analytics across varying campaigns and intradepartmental requirements.
Ad-Juster Flexible Data Filters for Campaign Optimization

Give your data context for
more informed decisions

Connect your OMS with your ad server data along with all your other data sources, platforms, and channels. Save time and effort with an order-data upload function via an OMS integration. You’ll get the centralized, accurate organization and reporting needed to get paid what you earn, on time.
Ad-Juster OMS Connections and Ad Server Data Reporting
Ad-Juster Revenue at Risk Calculations
Get automated calculations for a variety of billable metrics. You can quickly spot discrepancies with full visibility of local versus third-party delivery.
Ad-Juster Easy Dashboard Analytics for Revenue Optimization
Save time and effort by effectively working on your campaigns without having to navigate cumbersome spreadsheets.
Ad-Juster Integrated OMS Connector
Maintain successful billing with CALIBRATE’s built-in OMS connector. Centralize and easily share all the data related to each campaign.
Ad-Juster Flexible Filters for Customizable Ad Ops Reporting
Refine and specify your reports to focus on the data you need.
Ad-Juster Customizable Billing Rules Ad Server Actions
Manage different campaign types by designating billable metrics to non-CPM lines. You'll get line item details that show you the exact ad-server actions required for successful campaigns.
Ad-Juster Calibrate Analyzer Data Visualizations
View all your line items and campaign statistics in a bubble graph. Prioritize and act fast on the most important line items with this easy-to-understand revenue-at-risk gauge.