Automated data aggregation and reporting

Ad-Juster helps you get the most from every server, platform, and data point. It’s the difference between time-consuming, error-prone data chaos and well-organized, actionable insights.

Deep yet agile campaign insights

Agencies can now monitor and build extensive profiles without being plagued by traditional data buildup. Automatically gather, organize, and get fast-to-generate, easy-to-use, and simple-to-share reports on search engine marketing, social media, display advertising, mobile, video, and demographic retargeting data. Regardless of how many data sources you need to track and manage, you’ll get the analytics tools needed for deep campaign insights and enhanced transparency across departments.

Unique data normalization sets standard for standardization

Our agency tools go far beyond automated aggregation to deliver our unique data normalization. Using a combination of data dictionaries and machine learning, our industry-first data normalization technology automatically and precisely aggregates, unifies, transforms, and standardizes data. Seamlessly line up values from incongruent platforms to fuel your business on a daily basis. Our next-generation efficiency tools amplify your revenue-earning opportunities with advanced organization, tracking, and universal translation.

Aggregated reporting for enhanced decision making

Ad-Juster DISCOVER automatically aggregates all your data for you. Leverage this convenient, centralized, and flexible reporting for expedited insights that can be applied throughout your operations.
Ad-Juster for Agencies and Advertisers | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Discover Tool

Perpetual campaign performance vigilance

You need actionable insights, and you need them fast to capitalize on more opportunities. Ad-Juster ILLUMINATE delivers this critical advertiser intelligence with quick-and-effortless visualizations. You’ll get easy-to-understand insights on campaign delivery. Empower your operations with the informed vision necessary to optimize current objectives and successfully plan future campaigns.
Ad-Juster for Agencies and Advertisers | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Illuminate Tool

Automate. Validate. Comply.

Enjoy streamlined ad validation for even the most complicated campaigns. Ad-Juster VERIFY automates the process of analyzing your creative tags to make sure they fulfill industry requirements. You can also easily ensure correct operation of creatives with multiple tracking technologies.
Ad-Juster for Agencies and Advertisers | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Verify Tool

Cost-analysis reporting

Run reports that track whether or not your DSP partners are monitoring, tracking, and reporting everything correctly. If you’re responsible for managing your DSP(s), such as DoubleClick Bid Manager, you can employ Ad-Juster’s exclusive D-FIT technology to establish the cost effectiveness of your partners. Our tools map back to your own agency ad server to pinpoint discrepancies between the matched request in the DSP and the impression count on your agency server. Pay only for what’s delivered, keep your campaigns running smoothly, and stay focused on your core revenue-producing tasks.