For ad buyers and ad tech vendors

Automated data aggregation and reporting

Ad-Juster helps you get the most from every server, platform, and data point. It’s the difference between time-consuming, error-prone data chaos and well-organized, actionable insights.

Cost-profit and inventory analysis

Comprehensive reporting allows for exceptional buying intelligence. Our technology helps you make informed supply purchases—discover the best inventory for your operations and optimize your budget spending. Whether you run a DSP or use one as part of your operations, we will simplify and optimize your data. Get the support you need to efficiently process multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

Enhance your inventory by verifying whether all your agency tags are executing correctly, allowing you to act fast to remedy potential issues. You’ll also get the most from your campaigns through automatic monitoring and reporting of discrepancies between the agency numbers by which you’re billed and the inventory you buy.
Ad-Juster for Ad Buyers and Vendors | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Campaign Pacing Reports

Campaign pacing reports

Take advantage of custom integrations with top OMSs to get your contract and cost data in one easy-to-manage location. Our system generates pacing reports on a daily basis, so you can always track the performance of all your campaigns—get valuable insights into buffer optimization. Our pacing reports also provide a way for you to demonstrate added value to your clients, showing that you’re always vigilant of campaigns delivering in full.
Ad-Juster for Ad Buyers and Vendors | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Discover Tool

Aggregated reporting across numerous metrics

Compare agency and DSP numbers side by side for quick and easy analyses, regardless of whether your campaigns are billed by impressions, clicks, or even specific conversions. Our tools automatically aggregate all your data for you. Leverage convenient, centralized, and flexible reporting provided by Ad-Juster DISCOVER for expedited insights that can be applied throughout your operations, including client reporting.

Optimize with campaign performance monitoring

You need actionable insights, and you need them fast to capitalize on more opportunities. Ad-Juster ILLUMINATE delivers this critical advertiser intelligence with quick-and-effortless visualizations. You’ll get easy-to-understand insights on campaign delivery. Empower your operations with the informed vision necessary to optimize current objectives and successfully plan future campaigns.
Ad-Juster for Ad Buyers and Vendors | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Illuminate Tool

Automate. Validate. Comply.

Accelerate the quality assurance component of your campaigns and enjoy streamlined ad validation for even the most complicated campaigns. Ad-Juster VERIFY automates the process of analyzing (scanning and validating) your creative tags to make sure they fulfill industry requirements. You can also easily ensure correct operation of creatives with multiple tracking technologies.
Ad-Juster for Ad Buyers and Vendors | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting | Verify Tool