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Ad-Juster Media Analytics Platform (MAP) provides actionable insights that allow media and technology companies to generate more revenue.

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Leverage powerful data with automated simplicity

Focus on your core revenue-producing tasks rather than organizing spreadsheets. We deliver advanced data and reporting technology and premium service to solve your current challenges and anticipate future needs. Sit back and relax while we automate—it’s time to enjoy your data.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting
Automatically gather data from all your connections, regardless of the source, into our single, centralized platform—save countless hours.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Normalization: Unification, Transformation, and Standardization
Gain the power to make sense of the data chaos with our unique data normalization, which unifies, transforms, and standardizes data across incongruent sources.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Reporting and Visualizations for Optimization
Get actionable insights for enhanced decision making. High-level visualization tools employ flexible combinations of metrics to monitor and display performance, shaping your data into strong revenue drivers.
Ad-Juster Automated Data Aggregation, Normalization and Reporting

Who we help

We may deal with masses of data, but we always treat our customers like individuals. That’s how we know data and reporting needs can vary significantly from one type of customer to the next. Find out how we’ve got your specific needs covered.

The connections you need

Instantly onboard with the most ad servers, platforms, partners, and data sources in the industry.
Ad-Juster Connections | Ad Servers, Platforms, Partners, and Data Sources

Premium service and support

From initial onboarding to advanced training and consultations, we’ll help you hit the ground running and provide the ongoing support you need. We’re always there to make sure you get the most from every Ad-Juster solution for perpetually smooth integration, implementation, and troubleshooting.