Use Cases

Ad-Juster is the perfect tool for…

Data Aggregation

Data-AggregationAd-Juster automatically pulls reports from dozens of third-party display ad systems, correlates that data to your local server, and consolidates it into the reports you need, without manual work. Reports can be generalized to capture high-level views of your ad operations, or specifically tailored and filtered to individual members of your team.

Ad Discrepancy Monitoring / Pacing Reporting

Ad-Discrepancy-Reportin_Revenue-Pacing-with-LogoTake the data collected by Ad-Juster from all the reporting sources your team currently juggles and create complete and comprehensive revenue reports. Take advantage of Ad-Juster’s built-in matching algorithms, which correlate locally trafficked campaigns to their third-party counterparts. Apply customer-specified billing business rules to select the billable counts that can be rolled up to the campaign, order, or even advertiser level. Get this report in your inbox every morning and start the day with full visibility into your departments’ performance.

Billing /Finance

Billing-and-Finance-AfterNormalize data between ad server and order management systems. Ad-Juster can produce non-prorated third-party delivery system aggregate reports for finance teams looking to pull all their billing source data into one location. Ad-Juster matches your local campaigns to their third-party counterparts, so data from these local campaigns can be included in reports, to simplify preparation of end of month invoices.

Quality Control in Trafficking

Quality-Control-in-TraffickingQuality control in ad trafficking can be daunting— there are many different campaign types and many fields and settings available in the ad server. Are ad tags in the right campaign and order? Ad-Juster’s General Trafficking Report shows how campaigns are setup in the system and reports on whether orders and campaigns were setup correctly. It can even catch cases where ad tags are being misplaced. Ad-Juster saves time and reduces the error rate for your ad-ops team.

Viewability Reports

Viewability-AnimatedKeep track of campaign effectiveness with viewability metrics from supported vendors. Ad-Juster automatically matches viewability metrics to your ad server delivery metrics with no extra work for your team. You can see multiple viewability metrics, side-by-side, in a single report.



Programmatic Reporting

Programmatic Reporting by Ad-Juster 300x250 Animated 1 OptimizedKeep track of fill rates and eCPMs of non-direct line Items to provide your ad-ops team with detailed information on how to optimize non-direct inventory.

Use Ad-Juster to track: fill rate, ad requests, billable impressions, revenue share, eCPM and revenue by partner. We help you keep track of all of them.

Ad Tag Validation

Ad-Tag-ValidationWith Ad-Juster TagScan, automatically generate shareable HTML reports on all your ad tags before they go live. Setup TagScan to periodically scan every tag that is currently delivering in your ad server, once per week or once per day. Select the frequency that matches your comfort level with the tag provider. Add policy alert violations to your Ad-Juster report and get daily updates alongside your delivery performance metrics when a tag is in violation of your policy. Take control of the content advertising being delivered on your websites.

Try it for free today! Submit the info below and get the detailed scan report on the status of ad tags running on your site.

Site Performance

Site-Performance-with-LogoAd-Juster TagScan scans entire web pages with in-depth, call by call, performance metrics. These scans can be scheduled throughout the day and provide directly actionable insights into which servers are causing delayed responses, often responsible for poor page performance. If unauthorized 3rd party cookie vendors are causing these slowdowns, immediate action can be taken with advertisers providing the tag in question.

Over Booking Optimization

Over-Booking-OptimizationUsing the Auto AdJust interface, search out and target all campaigns currently running in your account which may be under or over-delivering impressions, based on each campaign’s contracted and booked impression amounts. See which items have the largest potential revenue shortfall and which are going to give away significant amounts of free inventory. Then, with a single click, allow Auto AdJust to modify your over-buffering to match third-party discrepancy exactly. Improved optimization is effective immediately from the time Auto AdJust is activated.

Mobile Reporting

Mobile-ReportingAd-Juster has connections to many mobile ad serving platforms so you get all your mobile reporting in one place, from all devices and platforms. This gives you all the data needed to analyze and make appropriate changes, increasing your mobile ROI.

Video Reporting

Video-with-LogoGet all of your video advertising data pulled including VAST tags, completion rate, video quartile views and more, all in one place.