These are the principal components of the Ad-Juster Suite:

Discrepancy Reconciliation Management

Ad-Juster-DashboardThis is where connections to local platforms and their third-party partners are set up and maintained. Reports include campaign delivery and discrepancy, pacing, missing mappings, ad viewability and programmatic reporting.

Reports provide valuable metrics for tracking campaigns throughout their life and especially end of month billing, one of the biggest pain points for ad finance departments that don’t use Ad-Juster.

Data Aggregation and Programmatic Reporting

Data-AggregationCollecting and reconciling delivery metrics for premium guaranteed campaigns can be a real hassle. Use Ad-Juster to automatically pull reports from dozens of third-party digital ad systems, correlate that data to your local server, and consolidate it into reports.

Ad-Juster not only solves this tedious task, but can address nearly all manually repetitive tasks facing the ad operations professional.

One example is programmatic reporting. Ad operations teams deal with the regular collection of partner revenue streams, eCPMs and fill rates from Rubicon to Google Ad Exchange, to any of the hundreds of supply side networks, exchanges, and trading desks. Ad-Juster can aggregate this data for your team and reduce the stress of daily repetitive tasks.

OMS Integrations

Order-Management-SystemsOMS Integrations automatically tie ad server data together with internal order management systems (with either supported integrations or custom integrations). When you partner with Ad-Juster to power third-party delivery data, you’ll have one place to easily compare what you sold to what you delivered.

Here are some of the problems we solve:

  • Lack of transparency on campaign delivery, leading to revenue losses from over/under delivery.
  • Invoicing that requires logins to multiple ad servers, resulting in delayed cash collection cycles.
  • Ad-ops teams saddled with data entry and manual reporting, creating bottlenecks, human error, and costly make goods.

OMS integrations include: Operative, Placements.IO, Fattail and DSM.



Viewability helps keep track of campaign effectiveness with metrics from supported vendors. Do your advertisers need ad viewability numbers? Ad-Juster can track your viewability or decisioning pixels, ensure your solution is fully implemented and find loopholes if they exist. Some of the ad viewability report metrics are: viewable impressions, views, brand exposure time, total Interactions (no clickthroughs), engagement rate, average percent viewed and more.

Viewability integrations include: Moat, comScore, DFP and more.



TagScan automates the tag validation process for ad-ops, to speed up the QA portion of setting up new campaigns. Third-party ad tags or page URLs can be scanned against clients’ policies with TagScan, including malware detection, missing creative, frame rate limitations, page load issues, click URL errors and more.

Coming soon – enhanced scanning of VAST and mobile tags. The ability to analyze an ad tag in multiple form factors (desktop, mobile, tablet). This allows the user to create IAB standard rule sets or their own custom publisher rule sets.

Auto AdJust

Auto-Adjust-Banner-LargeAuto AdJust automates campaign optimization to reduce over and under delivery on discrepancies, with a fully featured visualization tool. Auto AdJust monitors third-party impression counts on all of your guaranteed campaigns and makes sure that any buffered impression amounts remain in line with discrepancy.

Coming soon – using Auto AdJust to compare locally served impressions with agency tracked in-view data, campaigns can be automatically buffered to reach complex goals such as100% third-party delivered and 80% in-view. Auto Adjust increases the booked impressions in the local server until both of these thresholds are met. This automates the manual daily task of trying to optimize in-view campaigns.

Custom Dashboard Apps

Choose from a long list of standard visualizations, widgets and controls to help you navigate your data and simplify tasks to maximize efficiency.

Ad-Juster can help you develop a truly custom workflow for your team. Each member with a login can access the data for which they are responsible. High-level visualization tools can monitor daily performance by campaign type, partner, advertiser, platform, site, or any other metric currently being tracked in any of the data sources that Ad-Juster is connected to.


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