Connecting you to the Ad Tech Ecosystem

Local and Third-Party Ad Serving Systems

1st-and-3rd-Party-Ad-Server-Support-ConnectionsAd-Juster supports connections to all local ad serving systems, including proprietary and custom-built systems. We support connections to an ever growing list of third-party ad servers including Atlas, DFA, AppNexus, ADTECH, PointRoll and many more.
See the full list of supported local and third-party Ad Servers

Order Management Systems

Order-Management-SystemsAd-Juster allows for direct integration of your data with your order management system (OMS) such as FatTail, Operative, Salesforce, Yieldex and DSM. Improve the flow of campaign data to your OMS with automated updates.

Centralize your data points from order management platforms to ad server. This reduces manual intervention, errors and Improves efficiency by tying multiple platforms together.

Billing System Integrations

Billing-and-Finance-BeforeWe provide billing system integration with Salesforce, NetSuite, and other billing systems of record.