Who uses Ad-Juster?

Ad-Juster is used across the ad tech industry by:

Digital Publishers

Digital-PublishersAd-Juster provides digital publishers with:

  • A central platform for aggregating, correlating and analyzing your third-party delivery data.
  • All of your ad reporting systems in one place (primary, display, mobile, video, third-party, demographic retargeters, click trackers)
  • Easy monitoringfrom one simple UI.

Ad-Juster is easy to set-up. From connecting to your local ad delivery system to developing custom reports – you’ll be up and running in one or two days!

Generate valuable reports on campaign delivery and discrepancy, pacing, missing mappings, viewability, video quartile reporting and completion rate.

Ad Networks

Publishing-NetworksAd-Juster provides simple third-party delivery reporting on your managed properties.

We supply the non-prorated data granularity you need to provide operational insights for delivery, pacing and billing. The aggregated campaign performance data simplifies monitoring and managing brand campaigns from both pacing and full delivery perspectives.

By adding a connection to your OMS system, Ad-Juster can break out the campaign by publisher partner—streamlining partner payouts and even opening up the ability to share daily partner revenue shares based on billable third-party campaign delivery metrics.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising-AgenciesAd-Juster makes brand analytic tools better by adding more transparency and insight into your campaigns.

Brands, and their representative agencies suffer from similar data creep issues when executing and monitoring their ad spend. Whether its display advertising, mobile, video, demographic retargeting, programmatic direct or remnant; the number of different data suppliers contributing to the complete view of these ad portfolios can run from dozens to hundreds!

Manual collection of all this data is time-consuming and prone to error. Manual reports are not frequent or timely enough to be useful for performance optimization and monitoring.

Ad-Juster collects and organizes this data for agencies and brands directly from the source, and provides it back in a holistic format which can be easily dissected and analyzed. Ad hoc or scheduled reports can be set up and sent to all members of the team in a format they can quickly digest and take action on.

Ad-Juster can feed these aggregated data sets into downstream business intelligence platforms like Domo, JasperSoft or Tableau.

Ad Tech Platforms

Ad-Tech-PlatformsAd-Juster provides a white label solution for ad tech platforms, so you can maximize your margins and focus your engineering efforts on core business.

Ad tech platforms are often required to reconcile delivery information across multiple reporting platforms. The goal might be increasing per-impression revenue by more effectively targeting audiences, or streamlining the cost of ad operations by automating the sales process. The task of bringing performance metrics together to properly bill buyers and pay sellers is often a slow, manual process, which erodes margins.

We provide all our reporting through an easily managed user interface, providing reports back to internal operations teams (IAS). Alternatively, we can supply data through API integration, which allows Ad-Juster to exist entirely in the background (AppNexus).

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Client Testimonials
  • “The Auto AdJust feature has been one of the most important technological additions to our business. It is largely responsible for increased efficiency across the team and increased yield by minimizing lost impressions due to buffering against third-party discrepancies.”

    Eric Cannon, Sr. Manager – Revenue OperationsPGA Tour Digital
  • “Adjuster has been pivotal in helping to aggregate disparate systems. Integrations with our order and inventory management platforms have greatly enhanced our ability to oversee asset delivery management.”

    Eric Cannon, Sr. Manager – Revenue OperationsPGA Tour Digital
  • Crain Communications created a master Ad-Juster report as the primary tool for our traffickers to use every day.  By consolidating data from all reporting systems into one place, the report provides a one stop shop for visibility into campaign and creative status. We are able to see campaign pacing on both 1st Party and 3rd Party, and delivery discrepancies from 1st Party to 3rd Party.

    The tool also enables us to use it for data scrubbing and to identify potential bot traffic.

    Scott Colter, Digital Solutions SpecialistCrain Communications Inc.
  • Our biggest impression with Ad-Juster is the time savings, we cut down the time that it took a campaign manager to check discrepancies by 75%.

    Chris PrincipeUndertone Networks